3 is the magic number

8 Mar

Destiny’s Child were blahdy brilliant. Truly they were the best example of what a girl group could be. Don’t give me The Saturdays or any of that nonsense, nah nah nah – Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle had it down (maybe it’s something to do with three lasses possessing a bit o’ swagger because TLC rank up there as well…).

I digress. What I’m trying to get across is the pure pop perfection that came with track after track after track and today I bring before you that pop element combined with a slamming beat, one that’s a bit garage, a bit dutty dub, a bit filthy in general. Owls & Bodhi have done an absolute job in turning this into a thumper. As one of the Soundcloud comments states: GOOD GOD.

Owls & Bodhi – ‘Say My Name’

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