Just call me Weinstein

17 Jan

Maybe it’s because the nausea-inducing self-congratulatory awards season has begun in earnest or maybe it’s simply due to the fact that R. Gosling features (i.e. the one man bringing back masculine cool without even trying). Either way I can’t get Drive out of my veins – months on and it’s still all kinds of dench (this word has entered my vocabulary today).

As a result my ears always prick when I get the hint of a beat that could hypothetically be on said film’s soundtrack were it not already so ruddy good. We’re talking synthy beats, 80s vibes and stylised lyrics about wasted days/nights/hopes/dreams yadda yadda yadda, so when this hit my iTunes I claimed bingo. I think I’m going to use it on my own movie tentatively titled Ride, the general gist being a story about a horse-rider on the mean streets of LA providing a giddy-up to any would-be crims by night and providing stableboy duties by day. Yeah, that’s the sound of the big bucks rolling in…

Tanlines – ‘Brothers’

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