16 Jan

Doth mine ears deceive me? Am I hearing a Kid Cudi sample as picked up via the Lissie cover that was actually quite good? I think it might be… oh HELLO Schoolboy Q – your kudos levels just went through the roof.

This cut isn’t the most sophisticated thing I’ve pitched up here, I wouldn’t say it even comes near the Top 50 (Mr.Q talks a whole lot about fucking/fuckers/getting fucked up – I think the general gist is quite simply ‘fuck’). It has got a swing to it though that is undeniably sexxeh (as so helpfully provided by that killer beat line from Cudi’s ‘Pursuit Of Happyness’) and if you were in a club doing things that would make your mama cry this would most certainly be your anthem to soundtrack said dignity-losing actions. Who doesn’t love those kind of tracks? My mama that’s who. It seems she might be alone as this is currently No.1 on the music juggernaut that is Hypem – that make it like totally valid, like, right?

Schoolboy Q – ‘Hands On The Wheel’ (feat. A$AP Rocky)

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