I don’t have a speech

8 Dec

Last night as my pal and I debated our top albums from the year that was two thousand and eleven my head began to hurt. Not simply because using my brain to think often causes this reaction but because I couldn’t slim down the list to a stealth ten. I’ll put it out there, we the general public have been graced with some sterling records over the past twelve months (I of course disregard anything put out by that devil incarnate Bieber and those that seek to follow in his baby shoes). It therefore seems callous and cruel to praise some to the high heavens when other worthy acts are disregarded – however let’s put things in perspective, this isn’t a question to solve the global economic crisis or put a rest to the storm surrounding Lana DR’s weeeird lips. No no, decisions need to be made and soon you shall see my highlights on this very blog.

As a taster I offer up Kurt Vile’s ‘Baby Arms’ taken from the cracking ‘Smoke Ring For My Halo’ which may or may not make it onto the podium. Having heard it for the first time in yonks last night I went home and listened to the whole album track for track and it slayed me just like before. Sure it made me morose as hell but what’s a little solemnity now and again? As long as you don’t kill yourself mind… yeah, maybe ration this stuff out.

Kurt Vile – ‘Baby’s Arms’

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