Inferiority complex

30 Nov

God love The Roots. I mean come on, who could be instated as the houseband for a late night US talk show host and still maintain their superior cool? They’re the epitome of swag with tune after tune of primed beats and soul which others just wish they could have and then to see them live? – maaaan their energy is off the hook (I don’t think ?uestlove stopped moving for two hours straight, but that’s because ?uestlove is a machine… a machine with the best hair in the biz).

I thought their 2010 ‘How I Got Over’ was a thumper but now they’re back with their latest record ‘undun’ and it is slamming, so much so it hasn’t been off my stereo since I put it on three hours ago (overkill QUEEN). The Roots have pretty much seen it all in the hip-hop and yet they’re still leaving the young upstarts in their wake. That’s the sign of class.

Oh yeah, there’s an interpretation of a Sufjan Stevens track on there too. Boom.

The Roots ft. Bilal & P.O.R.N – ‘The OtherSide’

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