22 Nov

I like my pop served with a driving beat and cool vocals. I therefore like these two gals immensely, both of whom I sense possess balls of steel behind their pretty exteriors (kind of makes them sound like transsexuals, that was not my intention, I can’t say for certain that they’re not but each to their own if they are, who are we to judge?). Anyways, I think it’s this punch that will stand them in good stead when it comes to setting themselves apart from the other female artists that shall undoubtedly emerge at the start of 2012 – I’d even suggest they could give ol’ Lana Del Ray a run for her money… then again I might be way off and they’ll fall into obscurity never to be seen or heard of again apart from their excruciating two week stint on celeb Big Brother, but hey ho – you’ve got to champion someone haven’t yus?

Foxes – ‘Youth’

Yadi – ‘Guillotine’

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