Family jewels

21 Nov

I had it aaaaall planned. Today was going to be the day I posted about not one but two lasses I expect to see making waves in the world of pop come 2012. The tracks were chosen, the edgy black and white pictures selected when wham, bam thank you mam I came across the new Fleet Foxes video for their track The Shrine / An Argument.

Directed and co-animated by Sean Pecknold (older brother to Mr. Frontman himself Robin) it really is a work of art. Give yourself a ten minute break and lose yourself in it, maybe have a cup of tea, perhaps question why your own family doesn’t possess the same level of talent as the Pecknold clan. I did and boy do I feel inadequate right now… nah nah s’cool s’cool, the Lynchs have many discernable skills. Whittling, for example.

Fleet Foxes – ‘The Shrine / An Argument’

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