Seal of approval

15 Nov

Sharon Van Etten – not the most famous musical name out there but a stunning talent if ever there was one. Having been given her latest LP at the weekend I have been unable to stop listening to it – its simplistic beauty actually left me a little dumbfounded and I ain’t one to be silenced. I’m trying reeeeeally hard to come up with a sarcastic comment so as to keep this blog, you know, all apathetic and whatnot but alas Van Etten has done a right job with this one. The record is called Tramp and it’s out in February on the JagJaguwar label. I reckon you should buy it. The track below isn’t from that album but showcases the gal’s mad skills pretty well, as soon as the new tunes get posted you shall have them.

Oh wait wait, I got something funny… yeah, so apparently Bon Iver covered this track, what a…. oooh hang on a minute that’s not funny that’s AWESOME.

Sharon Van Etten – ‘Love More’

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