28 Oct

Friday has come around and all I want to do is chill the fuck out. By that I mean I want to eat my bodyweight in peanut butter, have a strong drink, read my book, eat some more peanut butter, catch up on all my TV series and of course, listen to some sweet beats. The thought of having to go out on the town and socialise is actually a terrifying one to me right now so I shall leave you with this tune for the weekend whilst I plan my hibernation…

It’s an understated re-imagining of a Jackson 5 classic that altogether comes across as a little beauty (and nowhere near as annoying as I thought it was going to be from the opening line – I was getting a strong Spandau Ballet ‘True’ vibe, no? Just me?). See you on Monday kids.

Kodak To Graph – ‘I Keep Holding On’

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