Holy cow

23 Sep

Joanna Newsom, Kinder Surprise eggs, Joseph Gordon-Levitt – these are just some of things in this world that I consider sacred. The same notion applies to TV on the Radio – you do not fuck with TV on the Radio. Fucking with a TV on the Radio song implies you’re a fully fledged crack-head because you must have been high as a kite when you made the decision to re-work a track that in no way, shape or form required it. What you’ve done there is pretty much attempt audio suicide. Dumbass.

Yet I’m not so blinkered to be blind to a great track when it comes my way and lo and behold this tune, is, quality. So what if it’s a TVOTR cover? When a slice is as sexy as this then sanctity be damned – this upcoming pair of New Yorkers have got it locked down…

Silent Rider – ‘DLZ’ (TV on the Radio cover)

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