Sell out

26 Jul

Tomorrow I’m getting a new phone. It has Facebook, e-mail capabilities, a camera and lots of other things my current £5 brick does not. However I’m saddened, saddened by the fact that my unremarkable mobile that has been by my side for nearly two years now (let’s not even get started on my Crackberry phase) shall be made redundant. It has travelled around the world, survived numerous festivals, drunk-dialled an horrific amount of pals and has never let me down so by throwing it aside in its prime of life I feel like I’m giving in to the man, that beautifully designed corporate Apple man. Goddamn you Steve Jobs and your savvy business know-how.

Yet just now I looked through my old draft messages and what do I find? A list of songs I intended to download back in 2009 before I left on my travel jaunt and by jove some of them aren’t half bad. You see, my Samsung beauty just keeps on giving…

Sound Remedy – ‘Butterflinger’

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