I left my heart in Serbia

18 Jul

14 days. It has been 14 days since I last blogged on here and I’m not even sorry. How can you be so selfish, so unashamed of such conduct you may ask? Well because within those two weeks I experienced the greatest music event of my 23 years on this planet, the details of which are so gloriously messy that to try and convey them to you on this forum would just make me sound like a dick. Therefore I’m not even going to touch upon the subject of EXIT, just know that it was all I wanted it to be and more. BEST. FESTIVAL. EVER. You see – already I come across as a super twat.

Let us traverse onto new musical ventures, onto artists that are trying their darndest to leave their imprint on the audio world. Today’s batter-up comes in the form of Gotye, that Belgian via Australia munchkin (he’s not actually a munchkin, that’s not a politically correct term in any case, I’ll move on) that has produced one of the better post break-up songs of recent times, mainly because it’s simplistically honest. Plus he uses a xylophone. A XYLOPHONE PEOPLE – I rest my case.

P.S. Is it just me or does he look remarkably like that kid from Road Trip? Mental. Again, the guy just keeps on giving.

Gotye – ‘Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)’

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