Exit countdown: No.1 – Arcade Fire

3 Jul

It’s heeeeeere! All I have left is to pack my rucksack, print off the tickets for JAT Airways (me neither) and find my passport amongst the myriad of suitcases I’ve used in the house move. As Superhans would say, “easy like a Sonntag morgen”.

So let’s get to my number one. This is the band that should I miss them for whatever nonsensical reason I’ll consider my Exit ruined and jump of the fortress wall. Always with the melodrama I know but this is one of my top bands in existence and if in some parallel universe I was destined to be a music superstar I’d want to achieve such glory as a member of this merry troupe.

As with Beirut I’ve witnessed Arcade Fire in action before however it was one of the worst shows of my life. Not because the music or sound was terrible but rather because some knob jockey in the crowd thought it would be a good idea to throw a shoe at Mr. Butler’s face. Come on, who throws a shoe? I mean really? Turns out Win does not like having missiles thrown at him. He stormed off stage, Regine looked sad, the band kept playing, Regine ran off to find her hubby, they both came back on, Win declared, “we’re never coming back to fucking Notting-ham”, started singing ‘Wake Up’ and went into the crowd futily searching for that “cowardly piece of shit”. They then ended the set. Bad vibes, bad vibes all round…

Oh how different it’ll be come Serbia and whilst I’ll be delirious throughout, when this track drops and Win and co. hit the crescendos I’m going to be flailing, flailing like there’s no tomorrow. See you on the other side… That’s if JAT Airways and our trusted pilot Victor get us there.

Arcade Fire – ‘Rococo’

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