Never meet your idols

24 Jun

Friday is a mental night. I’m not even talking when you’re on the town in the wee hours, I’m talking on the walk home from work at 7ish. Today no less I saw a guy faint on the escalator at Liverpool Street, a lass hurl up nature on Shoreditch High Street and a guy get thrown out of Electricity Showrooms in a scuffle of an amateur nature. In bright daylight it just, wasn’t, pretty.

However the title of ‘favourite’ for this evening’s characters is reserved for the chap I followed along Columbia Road (I would like to clarify for legal reasons that I’m not a stalker). He was at one with the music as he air-drummed all the way down the stretch. What bombastic tune could he possibly be listening to I thought to myself? First instinct was Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘No-one Knows’, surely a classic. Then I thought no no, he’s got something of the cheeky Matt Helders about him, it’s probably ‘A View From The Afternoon’… but of course, Battles – gotta be, and if I had to put a shiny nickel on it I’d plump for ‘Atlas’. Wow, what a guy, he’s taken it that much further than just the subtle toe-tap, he’s unashamedly going for it for all to see. Here is a man to admire. Then I passed him. Was he listening to any music? Like fuck he was, he was actually just flailing for the hell of it. One whole lot of crazy wrapped up in an indie package. Bummer…

I really should talk about this band more but alas I’m a bit frazzled today therefore my praise for their latest record ‘Burst Apart’ (which is divine) shall have to wait until another day. For now enjoy this slice of gentle greatness.

The Antlers – ‘I Don’t Want Love’

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