This is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you

24 May

I’m not fussed about birthdays. Crimbo is nice and all but it’s not something I go apeshit about. Easter may as well not happen, it is a non-event – a non-event where you wake up on the Monday fat. Yeah, thanks Jesus for that one.

Festivals however, festivals are a different breed of party. These are the occurrences that provide the light at the end of the tunnel and would yus believe it? The season of merriment is nearly upon us… I’ll be working IOW and will probably pop along to Field Day, but it’s EXIT and Besti I’m putting my greatest energy into. I’ll gloss over the latter as that’s not until many moons from now, but suffice to say last year’s saw me lose both my dignity and my prized gold hightops (which is still a mystery as they were on my feet the entire time??) whilst my pal decided to face-plant through a tent to get his rest. Dick’eds yes, but dick’eds game for a lark.

EXIT though is going to be our Everest. I’ve done foreign fests before and Benicassim in particular was a delight with nine days of sun, questionable liquor and nada sleep. However I think EXIT might push the parameters of our endurance and I myself am undeniably excited. The countdown has officially begun (this isn’t exactly true, I’m not even sure what date we’re flying to Belgrade…) but sweet bejesus bring it.

With this firmly in mind there may well be a theme popping up in some track choices from here-on in to coincide with this beast but I assure you, it won’t be overwhelming, it’ll be banging. Saying that today’s song has jack to do with it. You see that? Keeping yus on your toes.

Led Zeppelin vs. Gramatik – ‘Stairway To Hip Hop Heaven’

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