Flyer than the mother ship

28 Apr

I was always going to be a huge fan of the guy that rapped, “after this I hit the highway, I’m headin’ west like I’m fuckin’ blowin’ Kanye”. AMAZING. Childish Gambino is going to be getting some big recognition this year and I for one am giddy. That’s right, I’m bringing giddy back.

For the culturally nuanced amongst you Childish (aka Donald Glover) can also be found putting in a stellar turn as Troy Barnes in the US comedy ‘Community’ and as a writer on that class act ’30 Rock’.  Strings, bow, much? At least you can see where he hones his wordplay talent…

Anyhoo it was tough even choosing these few tracks but there you have it, needs must. Look out for the line, “I am runnin’ this bitch, you are just a dog walker” – again another golden lyrical nugget that shall be introduced into my everyday vernacular from now on. Word.

Childish Gambino – ‘Break (AOTL)’

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