Your face offends me

28 Mar

The sun is out, hurrah! However, this means so too are the deceptacons. You know of whom I speak. These are the individuals that from afar yus think are divine beings sent from above, delights for your voyeuristic pleasure. Buff tings if you will. However, upon closer inspection their attractiveness levels drop quicker than Chaz Sheen on a drug binge.

DON’T BE FOOLED. Today I have seen many a chap basked in glorious hazy sunshine only to stroll past and be bitterly disappointed by his complete ordinariness. He was not an angel, not an angel at all… Good people of the world don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because she has bleached blonde hair, a ditzy floral dress and oversized sunnies that cover 75% of her face (and with good reason) that she is a fitty. Chances are if you saw her in December you’d flinch in fear at her uncanny resemblance to Courtney Love.

(N.B. The above can also be applied to the feeling yus get when drinking. The symptoms are much the same and consequences equally as horrific).

Right, let’s get to the music. Today’s choice is from a band whose bio states they’re, “a sexpopelectro-band from Darthlantaville”. They’re actually from Athens, Georgia but hey, if you’re playing the ‘aren’t we crazy cool katz?!’ card then go ahead. I have had this track on loop today – it just exudes happiness. An unadulterated, blissful ‘I blew off school to play in the park and now I can’t read or write good’ kind of joy. Apparently they were the toast of SXSW. Good effort boys.

Reptar – ‘Stuck In My Id’



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