Hate thy neighbour

14 Mar

Our neighbours loathe us. I mean they really hate us. The reason we’re considered the scum of the earth? Noise levels. Yeah, that’s right, apparently they don’t appreciate a bit o’ Caribou at 3am. What ungrateful knobbers.

A written warning has come our way and we’re now being monitored by said neighbours in a ‘1984-BigBrother-we’re going to screw you into the ground until you get evicted’ kind of manner. Marvellous.

This evening I’ve been gracious, I have been considerate, I have kept an almost near silence. However the result is that I am sat here listening to their music choices through the walls and sweet bejesus, my ears are one more Jay Sean track away from bleeding…

Hope you like the poh-lice bitches because two can play that game… (I’m of course joking. I will in fact be taking the law into my own hands and go vigilante on their asses…)

The remix below contributed massively to our rap on the knuckles. Worth it though.

Dead Prez – ‘It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop’ (WTF!? Remix)


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